Murray Manson: An Erotic Life

Meet Murray. He's unsure of himself, stuck on the other side of the world, and unfortunately also a werewolf.
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[txt]: yes i suppose it was inevitable

[txt]: this is what happens to you when all your friends eat people


[txt]: wow

[txt]: i just noticed

[txt]: i live in a world of weird, unintentional food-related innuendos

[txt]: yeah well

[txt]: you know Shaz so


[txt]: ayyo granddad let’s do this thing i gotta hot tupperware and my mum’s car keys

[txt]: there in 15

[txt]: yes good 

[txt]: so ready for meat


[txt]: lol that’s almost true

[txt]: except dealers charge

[txt]: wow im a chump

[txt]: u can have free meat tho ur a friend

[txt]: the perks of being friends with the meat dealer

[txt]: i gotta dimebag of lamb with ur name on it

[txt]: hell ye 

Anonymous sent: "Are you implying that I'm a bad mother???" *huffs and storms off* "Sleep on the couch tonight!!"


— - YOU DON’T-

[ He groans and shakes his head, realising it would be useless to argue. Murray rubs his temples and returns to the dishes in the sink, grumbling to himself. ]

You don’t even sleep in the same bed as me in th’ first place. Fuckin’ christ, woman.


[txt]: you know if i didnt think Camille would behead me

[txt]: but srsly shall i package this up & bring it to u? it’s still warm i reheated it

[txt]: or we could have a clandestine meeting in the park. maybe down an alley or something.

[txt]: god you sound like you’re a meat dealer 

[txt]: ‘hey kids wanna buy some lamb roast’ 

[txt]: you open your trenchcoat revealing plastic bags and tupperware full of like ham and steak and whatever

Anonymous sent: "She said I’m the worst mother ever."


Well, I wouldn’t say worst ever, but…

Kicking Lucy’s teacher was not something the world’s best mum would do.

But what’s regret anyway? Regret, I am learning these days, is a lot of things. But mostly, it’s a slippery seed of longing, of looking back and asking yourself why you didn’t know better when the answers were so obvious all along.

Allison Winn Scotch, The Theory of Opposites (via quoted-books)     



[txt]: Murrayyyyyyyy

[txt]: i have lamb 4u

[txt]: marry me