Murray Manson: An Erotic Life

Meet Murray. He's unsure of himself, stuck on the other side of the world, and unfortunately also a werewolf.
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"You know, you could be describing Hannibal Lecter," Ed couldn’t help but add, still laughing whilst Murray’s messy hair tickled his tummy again, "not that I’m in any position to talk."

         Damn it, Ed, stop bringing up the murders!

"I’d say it’s about fifty-fifty; Hombre Caimans have electrical sensors in their skin and mouths, it heightens sensation," Ed had done this dance before, "but I’ve got an especially ticklish tum anyway."

Murray snorted at the comparison. Ed had no idea how appropriate it was- although he liked to think that Shaz wasn’t criminally insane…or at least not likely to cut off a paramedic’s face and wear it.

He decided to sit up- not that Ed wasn’t comfortable, he just din’t want to make Ed laugh himself to death. 

"So it’s a bit like my hypersensitive hearing and smell, then. But, you know, for a different sense." 

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1) You will hurt people. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes without meaning to, but you will hurt people. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but learn to accept that you may be a villain in someone else’s book.

2) Learn to apologize. Learn to mean your apologies. Learn to say them with sympathy. Apologies are not about your conscience, or about your problems - they are about someone else - understand that! Understand that words can’t undo deeds, they do not heal. Do not demand forgiveness, work for it. Accept responsibility, do not shy away from it. But never, ever, apologize to appease someone. It is a betrayal - of yourself, as much as it’s a betrayal of them.

3) Own your body! Own the softness of your tummy. Love your legs even when they’re hairy. Look at your face without makeup and find things to love - the eyes of the survivor and the lips that speak wonders and those cheeks that flush when you laugh. Love the parts that jiggle and the parts that are firm. Love all of you.

4) Do not be afraid to take up space. There is a difference between being polite and being invisible. Do not be afraid to laugh loudly, to smile widely, to talk passionately. Do not be afraid to exist fully, unapologetically.

5) There is nothing you can do to make someone fall in love with you. Let me repeat that - there is nothing you can do to make someone fall in love with you. Because see, the only thing you can do is change, but then they wouldn’t be falling in love with you, but with the person you’re trying to be for them. They’d be falling in love with things you stopped yourself from saying, and laughs you faked and the hairstyle you hate. They’d be falling in love with a person you don’t even like. Find someone who will love you the way you are, someone with whom you don’t have to try.

6) Make playlists. I know, I know this seems silly, but trust me on this one, make playlists. A playlist to help you sleep and a playlist to calm you down at 3am when the walls around you seem to be crumbling. Make playlists, because sometimes there won’t be people around to remind you of who you are, to remind you how strong you are, to tell you to put the razor blade down. And the thing is - the music might. But more importantly, it will remind you of who you are, it will remind you of the sunny Sunday morning when you spent hours compiling it, it will remind you that darkness is only temporary, that tears dry, that you know how to smile, that you love to smile.

7) Learn how to write cover letters well, really well! Write a great CV! Take your time. Formatting is important. Use spell-check and punctuation and for the love of God use a decent font! Always come 15 minutes early for interviews. Have a spare pair of tights in your bag. Do not drink coffee on the way! When asked about your flaws, do not say you’re a perfectionist - there is nothing employers hate more! No one cares about that play you were in, in 10th grade and the three guitar chords you kind of know. Always read the company profile. Be informed. Do not lie. Admit when you don’t know something. Ask for instructions again if you don’t understand. Do more than you are required - workplace is not school, there is no limit to what you can achieve!

m.v., The list of things I learned before I turned 22, pt. 2. (pt.1). (via findingwordsforthoughts)     



-Ed tried to hide his massive disappointment with a smile; the last thing he wants to do is give Murray more guilt-

That’s fine, dude, I’ll come over a few days later and drop off some cake for you and Camille.

Camille can still come. She’s still coming. I just probably won’t.

(( Ed and Murray playing FNAF ))

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They’re like healthy french fries,

what’s not to get?

— - French fries? Celery and french fries are nothing like each other.

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(( sleeps ))


Disposables from Galway, Ireland, August 2014


"They’re too close to be "just friends"!"


"Look! They care for each other! They must be in love!”


"They talk to each other  a lot! Its so cannon that they’re gay for each other!"







UIC Behavioral Sciences Building, 2nd floor.



     ”—Even if I like her more than a friend, it’s not that much.” And here comes the truth, but she wouldn’t ever admit to feeling too much towards Judy.

— - So you don’t confirm or deny that you’ve got googly eyes for Judy?